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Pill poppin’ pooches…

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My dog loves taking his pills. He gets a glucosamine pill everyday and comes running when he hears the pill bottle rattle. How did I get this positive result? Hot dogs.
Yes people, I am the dog nutrition goddess and I serve up hot dogs.
But it isn’t just the hot dog coating that gets the pill down, it is the system.
You can use any treat that your dog loves to do this trick, but my example involves hot dogs. You will need three pieces of hot dog. Piece one and piece three can be tiny, but piece three needs to hold the pill.
The idea is to get your dog to forget about the pill and focus on the wiener. Let him know you have these tasty bits. Once you have put the pill in wiener piece number two show all three to your dog.
Feed piece number one making sure that your dog is focusing on number two piece (don’t worry; he’s focused on it already). Now feed number two piece with the dreaded pill from one hand AND hold number three piece close to his face with your other hand. Once the pill piece is down his throat, let him have number three and call it a job well done.
Do you see how this works? The pill is forgotten because of the anticipation of hot dog piece number three.
Now I will admit that my dog does not get wieners every day. He may get cheese or hamburger or chicken or even sardines.
Give this pill popping trick a try and it might make life easier for both of you.
Now, the cat? You’re on your own…

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