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My dog was lymphing

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We and our dogs all have a lymphatic system and it is fascinating. The lymphatic system works kind of like the blood’s circulatory system, but is larger. The lymph glands are the working offices of the system and the lymph, a clear fluid, is moved about through lymphatic vessels. It works as a go between for the blood and our cells.

There are lymph nodes (small closets), and lymph glands (working offices), throughout our bodies and the system moves white blood cells, fatty acids , and some other things around. But the big job this system does is to remove the waste that cells produce. Yes, cells poop and that poop needs to be shipped to the organs that will make sure it gets eliminated from the body.

Yes, Debbie, this is all very (yawn) fascinating, what’s your point?

(Here it comes…)The lymph system only moves when we move! It does not have a heart to pump it or vessels that contract. For the lymph system to clean out the cell poop, we need to move our bodies and so does our dog! (Isn’t it a wonderful coincidence that we AND our dog needs to go for a walk?) Without motion the cell poop collects and bungs up the system and much like a traffic jam, things can get ugly.

There needs to be a collection of events for any illness to take hold, a “perfect storm”. Some events are beyond our control, but most events we can take care of ourselves. The lymph system is one of the big events and we have control of it!

This is a very simplified version how the lymph system works and I encourage you to walk to the library and carry home a big book to learn more. The lymph system needs a bigger fan club and as its President I ask you to get your dog out there and play on the beach. Spread the word of lymph! Together we can eliminate cellular poop!

-Debbie Wood is a student of Animal Naturopathy and won’t shut up about the lymph system…