We supply everything you need to get your dog clean and beautiful. Your choice of natural shampoos, conditioner, and ear wipes; lots of warm water, towels, blow dryers, and an apron for you to keep dry with.

There are three unique bathtubs to choose from, all at waist height make it easy on your back and sturdy built in steps make it easy on your dog.

We are happy to help with getting your dog into and out of the tub and we provide nail clipping (included with every bath). Drop-in U-bath is our most popular service. $25 covers everything. There is no time limit.

Lucky Dog also provides a We-Bath service. Drop your loved one off and let us do the dirty work while you run errands or go for lunch!

Drop-in We-bath ranges from $30 for a small dog up to $60 for a large long haired dog. A Labrador would be $45. Ask us for a quote.

Drop-in toenail trim is always $10.

Lucky Dog also provides a free tick removal for the squeamish.

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Lucky Dog is the perfect place to drop your dog off for socializing and fun. Open seven days a week, Lucky Dog’s daycare service is here.

No contracts or appointments needed! Lucky Dog does not require vaccines for a visit. Safe and sane, flexible and loving, Lucky Dog Day Care will be your go-to choice.

We are Pet First Aid certified.

Prices: $15 for up to four hours, $25 for the day.

For overnight care, we have several quality places we can recommend. Call us to discuss your needs and we will do our best to accommodate.

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Getting your dog used to this ritual at an early stage helps you both weather the process. Try giving your dog a yummy treat after the trimming session, along with a big hug, a boisterous “Good dog!” and a healthy scratch behind the ears.

We offer a drop in toe nail trim for only $10.

Dog Nail Trimming


Q: How does your U-bath work?

A: All you need to bring is your dog. There is no appointment needed and we provide everything to get the job done.

Lucky Dog is a happy and casual place where you can take your time. Let your dog sniff around and relax before you dive in. I will show you the best tub for you and your dog. I will then talk to you about your needs.

Think of me as a waitress. I’ll show you to your table tell you about the menu and bring you everything to make your visit a success. Need a special shampoo? We got it. Aprons for you? Always. Toe nail trim? Included.

I will help you get your pup into the tub and help you get him anchored for safety.

Our warm water is set to one temperature. Just turn it on and go.

When you are settled in and washing away the filth, I will slide in and clip the toenails and clean out the ears. Lucky Dog U-Bath also has professional blasters for drying your pooch and lots of towels.

Although you are in charge of the bath, I am always close by to show you how to use the equipment or help relax a nervous dog.

Most baths take no more than twenty minutes.

Q: My dog is really big, is there a limit?

A: Nope. Lucky Dog has successfully had Great Danes, Newfies, and Great Pyrenees come in for baths. Allow for extra drying time for the really fluffy dogs; up to an hour.

Q: My dog has trouble with stairs. How do I get him into the tub?

A: I am here to help. There are sturdy steps leading up to the landing that gets the dog into the tub, but sometimes those can be out of the question for some dogs. That is when we work together and just gently lift the dog into the tub. The bathtubs all have no slip mats on the bottom so your dog feels secure and safe once she’s in.